The life of Bejamin Colonna, son of Holly and Billy (members of CrossRoads),  had a lasting impact on our church community and his story even reached across the world to share the hope of the gospel. As our children’s ministry is rapidly expanding and we continue to love and serve children and families with special needs, we want to create a place that will honor and remember Benji’s story and be a fun and safe place for the children of CrossRoads to play for years to come.  

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As with any family, you need spaces for people to connect, fellowship, and hang out. The primary goal of the 2nd and 3rd floor renovation will be to create several inviting social spaces that can be used for youth and children’s programs, bible studies, life group events, and many other smaller gatherings. There will also be a new office suite on the 2nd floor and a large open room on the 3rd floor that will accommodate up to 75 people for youth and other events.

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All people are made in the image of God with dignity, value, and worth and we want to have facilities that best allow for our members and guests to experience that truth here at CrossRoads. We have a quickly growing population of adults and children who are unable to participate in activities on the 2nd and 3rd floor due to physical limitations and special needs. Adding an elevator will not only better serve this segment of our community but greatly increase traffic flow and operational efficiencies.

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Hospitality and fellowship are some of our core values as they help to create a welcoming atmosphere and a feeling of “family”. A key element of hospitality and fellowship is food preparation.  The current kitchen has not been updated in nearly 60 years and has no working appliances or modern conveniences. Updating our kitchen will also be a blessing to our many ministry partners who utilize the fellowship hall on a regular basis such as F.I.S.H., Renaissance Movement, and Young Life.

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Prior to CrossRoads receiving the building, there were many years of deferred building maintenance. Much of the exterior brick, windows, doors and building infrastructure declined and fell into disrepair and many of these items are still in desperate need of
attention. We will address the most significant issues during this
phase of work.



$200,000 remains on the construction loan from Phase 1 of renovations. The leadership of CrossRoads feels led to retire this debt to free up significant monthly cash flow enabling us to fund more church ministries and needed staff positions.