Larchmont Baptist Church: Starting a Legacy

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Larchmont Baptist Church began on June 8, 1919 with 66 people who were called to plant a church in the Larchmont neighborhood in the City of Norfolk.  In 1924, they built the first of 3 contiguous buildings that are on the property.

People gave sacrificially to create a place that would facilitate the work of the gospel with a specific calling to serving college students at ODU, ministering to the Larchmont community, and spreading the Gospel message throughout the world.  

After nearly 95 years, Larchmont Baptist Church was no longer able to carry out this vision. However, through God’s providential plan, they gave (at no cost) the building, land, and all of the contents to CrossRoads Church in 2011 with a strong conviction that God would continue what He started. 

Through the expression of CrossRoads Church, after nearly a century, God’s unique plan for a gospel centered church located in Larchmont with a heart for the Campus, Community, and World continues. We are excited to be a part of God’s sovereign plan and “building a legacy of faith” for the next generation.  


  CrossRoads Church: A Legacy Continues

CrossRoads Church started on the campus of Old Dominion University in 2000 as a family with the mission of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.  We desire to see the people in our city radically transformed by the power of the gospel.

We don’t believe the church is just a “building” or location but rather a collection of people with a common purpose. We are a people changed by the gospel bringing reconciliation and truth to the Campus, Community, and World.